Bruce I. Doyle, III, Ph.D.


  • It’s ALL about experiencing Life.
  • Life is about the fulfillment of Purpose.
  • Everything exists to fulfill its Purpose (Survive – Experience – Evolve - Fulfill).
  • Purpose is found through Passion.
  • Passion is found through Joy.
  • The blueprint for defining how one Experiences Life is through one’s Belief System – a major contributor to your Energetic Vibration.
  • The Law of Attraction is really about experiencing the Vibrations of Life. 
  • You Attract according to your Consciousness – your Energetic Vibration - and your focus of Attention.  
  • You simply need an “Attractive” Consciousness – Great Vibes.
  • Someone with Great Vibes:
    • Loves Life – Self and Others
    • Demonstrates impeccable Integrity
    • Is:
      • Loving
      • Compassionate
      • Forgiving
      • Joyful
      • Living in the NOW
      • On Purpose

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