Question #2: “Why are the new children different and what are they here for?”

Answer #2: It is my understanding that there is a quantum leap in human evolution occurring at this time.  We tend to think of evolution as something that occurred in the past without recognizing that we are an active participant in the evolutionary process every moment of our lives.  The significant magnitude or quantum change in evolution occurring right before our very eyes has captured the attention of those associated with our young children on a day to day basis.  The real challenge is in attempting to understand the evolutionary change taking place, find the true meaning of its unfolding and recognizing our responsibility in supporting its process.  The biggest challenge we, as individuals, have is trying to assess a more evolved consciousness with a viewpoint based on a more limited consciousness.  What do we use as a benchmark?

If you look around the world today, it’s clear that we need some creative solutions to some very severe problems - we need a new way of thinking.  The historical view of human life has been one of limitation and separation.  Humanity tends to see a world with limitations and vast degrees of separation.  These views (beliefs) drive the behavior responsible for the desire to have dominating power, win-lose competition and egregious greed – both personal and corporate. 

A significant - but unfortunately small - portion of the world’s population have expanded their consciousness and are aware of the fallacy of the foregoing limited points of view about the human experience.  A more expanded view of life sees the “oneness” that we all experience with each other and our creator.  This view, drives behavior that counters separation and fosters behavior that unites everyone for the good of ALL.  Life is a win-win game and we all share in the challenges and opportunities offer up by LIFE.  We all impact each other. 

Another important aspect of an advanced view of LIFE is that we are all unique aspects of the creator and are therefore here to express our individual uniqueness of LIFE and - to support all others - in supporting their unique expression of LIFE.  We all have access to our own “inner power” to create our lives out of free choice.  Some of us are aware of this are others are not.  Those who are aware recognize that they are the creator of their life experiences and understand the oneness of all LIFE.  Those who are not aware, experience feelings of separation and live as if they have no control over their life.  The Universe is seen as doing things ”to” them rather than “for” them.

The young children are coming in with a deep inner sense of connectedness which, as they mature, will manifest into actions that will restructure many of our corporate, social and political institutions that are based on the old paradigm of separation and greed.  The new paradigm will be based on the understanding of oneness.  The gap between those who “have” and those who “have not” will narrow dramatically – on a global basis.  There are enough resources in this world to eradicate hunger, poverty and many forms of sickness and disease if we all realized the unity of ALL. 

Nancy Tappe, the women who first identified the Indigos, says that our young ones are the “bridge builders.”  They are the new wave of consciousness that is being birthed to bridge humanity to the next level of human evolution – the level of love, harmony, peace, brotherhood and acceptance.  Our job is to assist them in their mission and be open to the gifts of creativity and insight that they have to offer. 

We must also recognize that they are children and need our ongoing support as they mature as young adults.  They will possess heightened potential but will have their own human developmental challenges just we did growing up.  Be open, be patient and be aware. 


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