Bruce I. Doyle, III, Ph.D.


If you are current with today's advertising you are well aware that you can get an upgrade for many of the things that you now own. You can upgrade your automobile's ignition system to improve its efficiency. You can upgrade your PC to increase its computing power and memory capacity, and, if you choose, you can upgrade your monitor to a flat panel display. You can upgrade your insurance policies and financial investments. And, if you are into remodeling, you can upgrade just about every system in your house. Upgrading is a way of life for just about everyone. It gives us the ability to keep up with life in an economical, modular fashion as our needs change.


There is another opportunity for an upgrade in your life that significantly outweighs the benefits of any other upgrade that you could ever consider. Unfortunately, not many of us are aware of the basic principle that determines our lives so not much thought is given to upgrading it.


The Foundation

The foundation for everything that we experience in life is derived from the thoughts that we issue into the universe and the accompanying beliefs that we hold. Our beliefs are those thoughts that we have accepted as being true for us. They originate from our own thoughts or are accepted from others. The accumulation of all of our beliefs makes up our individual belief system - the blueprint from which we experience our life.


Most of us structured the foundation of our individual belief system years ago when we were young. We developed beliefs about many things: our worth, our abilities, our environment, our relationship with others, our friends, our parents, money, men, women, sex, what we can and cannot do, what's right, and what's wrong - to name a few. How many of us are living our lives today with a belief system dominated by limiting beliefs that we originated in childhood? Unfortunately - most of us. If we don't upgrade our belief system to replace these limiting beliefs, we will experience much of our life from the perspective of a small child. Sound absurd?


Ask yourself the following questions. Who do you need permission from to do what you want to do in life? Do you worry about hurting other people's feelings? Do you tell lies to keep from upsetting someone else? Do you behave in certain ways so someone you care about won't be upset with you? Do you spend a lot of energy on meeting other's expectations of you? Do you worry about looking good? Do you feel safe in the world? Do you worry about being a burden to others? Do you speak your mind at all times or do you withhold your thoughts?


If you answered "yes" to any of my questions, you might want to consider doing some upgrading. Every one of these questions points to something in a belief system that keeps the owner from being emotionally free. Free to be truly him/herself. Unfortunately, many of us still hold limiting childhood beliefs that keep us from being free.


The Upgrade

"So," you ask, "now that I am aware that I could benefit from an upgrade, how do I go about it? What do I have to do to uncover and upgrade my limiting beliefs?"

Begin by using the universe as a mirror. Treat every experience you encounter as a reflection of your belief system. Pay close attention to experiences that are highly charged with emotion. You are not looking for something wrong, just noticing what's there - becoming more aware. If something shows up that you don't like, just ask yourself, "What would someone have to believe to be having this experience?" Continue asking and answering this question - repeatedly - for yourself, until you reach an answer that feels like an "aha". When you have a sudden realization - it will probably have emotion associated with it - you've reached the deep-seated "root cause" belief that is generating your undesirable experience. With this new awareness, you can now begin upgrading your belief system with more empowering beliefs.


To gain optimum benefit from this technique, look at the major areas of your life such as; self-esteem, relationships, money, sex, and career for undesirable circumstances and see if you can "root out" and upgrade the limiting beliefs. An upgrade of you belief system will provide you with the emotional freedom that you deserve. As you upgrade, you will notice that your life becomes calmer and more free-flowing. Your desires will seem to manifest effortlessly. Go for it! Upgrading your belief system will be your best investment ever - guaranteed! 

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