How Our Thoughts and Beliefs Determine Our Experiences.

                            Bruce I. Doyle, III, Ph.D.


There are many books, tapes, workshops and seminars available that are focused on various aspects of getting a handle on our lives - from basic attitude adjustment to spiritual enlightenment. A close look will reveal that they all have a common thread. They all deal, in some fashion, with thought. Whether its goal setting, positive thinking, meditation, imagery or mind control, a discussion about our thoughts enters the picture. Have you ever wondered why so much emphasis is placed on thought? What is it about thought that draws so much attention?


The answer lies in the fact that thought is the basic element behind all of our experiences. Thoughts don't exist just between our ears with total privacy. They are quite public. Our thoughts exist as subtle waves of energy called thoughtforms. Thoughtforms are real. And, they exist to carry out the intent of the thinker. They do this by attracting to themselves similar thoughtforms - like attracts like.

We, as humans, are not consciously aware of thoughtforms because they operate in a range that is beyond the capability of our senses. They are, however, vibrating in the space all around us. We are all like individual radio stations radiating our desires, both positive and negative, into the universe for fulfillment.


The thoughts that we accept as being true become our beliefs. And, the accumulation of our individual beliefs makes up our very own personal belief system. We all have beliefs about many things: money, jobs, relationships, ourselves, friends, life, politics, men, women, sex, what's right, and what's wrong - to name a few.

Our beliefs, just like our thoughts, exist as thoughtforms. They exist to create situations, circumstances and events to reflect back to us (the believer) what we really believe. You see, the experiences that we each have come from our individual beliefs (those thoughts that we accept as being true). What we believe is what we experience. No more - no less. And, to get a better handle on the experiences that we see as undesirable, we must change our beliefs.

"How can that be," you ask? Well, in simplistic terms, we are like magnets that attract to us experiences that match our energy pattern - the vibrating energy pattern created by our beliefs. We each have an energy signature that defines our uniqueness, not unlike our hand-written signature. Have you ever noticed that when you meet someone for the first time, some people you feel comfortable with and some you don’t? You're sensing their energy field. The ones that you feel comfortable will most likely have similar beliefs. Trust your feelings.

The philosophy of having a positive attitude (positive thoughts and beliefs) derives from understanding how thoughtforms operate in the universe. Like attracts like. Being positive is not just the appropriate thing to do to make yourself more socially acceptable. It literally puts you in touch with positive life experiences. It's important to understand this. What you believe is what you experience. Your energetic state of being is what attracts your experiences.

If you believe, "Life is a struggle." Guess what you will experience. Not because that's the way life is, but because you believe it to be that way. Therefore, you will attract situations to confirm your belief. Like attracts like. Do you know people that don't struggle through life? What do you think they believe about life? Might they believe something like, "Life is effortless".

If you believe that your boss is unfair, that's how he/she will show up for you. If you believe that you are poor, circumstances will prevail to keep you that way. If you believe that you are unworthy, guess what you will attract to yourself.

Let's try a simple exercise to illustrate the point that your beliefs determine your experiences. Think of someone in your life that you know well and you don't like. Concentrate, for a moment, on what it is (your belief) about that person that disturbs you. Make a mental note of how thinking about them makes you feel. Intensify the feeling and hold it for several minutes. Next, make a list of as many positive attributes as you can think of that fit that person. Make a new mental note of your feelings toward that person now. Close your eyes and feel it deeply for a few minutes. What happened? Your feelings shifted, didn't they? Why? Because, by focusing on the other person's positive attributes (different beliefs about them), you generated a completely different array of thoughts for yourself.

So you see it's your thoughts that determine how you experience someone else. It's you who are responsible for your experience of others. Not them. Go back to focusing on your initial judgment of that person. Your uncomfortable feelings returned, right? How would you like to experience that person in the future? It's your choice, isn't it?

It might be easier to see my point by observing someone else's situation first. Choose someone that you know well and ask yourself, "What would they have to believe to experience what they are experiencing?" Spend a few moments and think of several possible beliefs for the experience you selected. If you are having difficulty, here are some examples that might help you get started.

What would a person have to believe who is chronically dieting all the time? Would, "I have a hard time losing weight," be a possibility? Can you think of any other belief that might create the same experience? Sure, "My entire family is heavy," would be a good one. Can you think of any others? Apply this same line of questioning to other aspects of their life such as finances, relationships, or job satisfaction. It's quite revealing isn't it?

Now rustle up some courage and ask yourself the same question about something in your life that you would prefer not to experience. "What would I have to believe to experience X?" Keep asking yourself this question until you reach an answer that feels like an aha. When you have a sudden realization, you've reached the deep seated "root cause" belief that is generating your undesirable experience. When you uncover the belief, ask yourself, "Why do I believe it?" Is your belief universally true? Is there another viewpoint that would give you a different experience? What is it? Note what happens (what you experience) when you change your viewpoint (belief).


When you realize that it's your thoughts and beliefs that determine what you experience, you're on your way to making the changes that will help you achieve mastery in your life. Just make sure that your beliefs are in alignment with the experiences that you wish to have. Believing that you don't have enough money is not in alignment with creating prosperity - believing that you having everything you need – is.

Keep your energy positive, change the beliefs that don't empower you, stay focused on your desires and enjoy each day. Each day is as nice as you believe it to be.

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