Bruce I. Doyle, Ill, Ph.D.

Many of my friends, who are endeavoring to move forward along their path of personal development, are working diligently to live joyously in the "NOW". Living in the "NOW" has to do with being mentally present in the moment rather than having your mind wander aimlessly from topic to topic dragging your emotions with it. This incessant wandering usually deals with rehashing the past or worrying about the future. The past is gone and the future isn't here yet but the mental gymnastics that we all experience, robs us from joyously experiencing the present moment – “NOW”.

When you think about it, the only time we can experience anything is right “NOW”. And, if we don't truly experience the moment, it's gone forever. This "NOW" will never appear again. So, what's the secret to living in the "NOW"?

From my perspective, living in the "NOW" has to do with focusing our attention. Our attention is the energy beam that connects us to the rest of the universe and, consequently, the reality that we experience. We experience what we have our attention focused on.

The first step to actually living in the "NOW" is to realize that we all have conscious control over our attention. When we become more aware of where it is focused, moment by moment by moment, we can begin to bring it under our willful control. We can then start moving our attention to the present and experience more of being in the "NOW".

Do you ever find yourself not listening to what someone is saying because you are mentally some where else? How often have you driven down the highway and the last 20 miles were a complete blur? Do you often dwell on what you don't have rather than on creating what you want? These are simple examples of not living in the "NOW". You missed experiencing the richness of life in those moments and, you most likely weren't feeling joyful.

Once you have the ability to keep or quickly bring your attention into the present, you only need to realize that your attention beam carries information to/from the universe. You send out "intention" and you receive back "perception". To complete your mission of joyously living in the "NOW", send out your intention to do so and then appreciate everything you perceive in the universe. With your attention focused on the moment you eliminate - from your awareness - worry, fear and doubt. And, by being in appreciation of all you perceive ? suspending judgment ? you will access your natural feeling of joy. Is it possible to always live joyously in the "NOW"? Make it your intention and give it a try.



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