Part II

Bruce I. Doyle, III, Ph.D.

In Part I we discussed how the content of your Inside Resume - your beliefs - determine how you will experience events in your life.  We covered the concept of “Be - Do - Have” where your state of Being - your energetic state - determines what you Do (or don’t Do) and what you Do (or don’t Do) will determine what you Have (or don’t Have).  The underlying theme is the beliefs that you hold are the main driving force for what you Have or don’t Have in your life.  This being the case, it is vital to understand what’s on your Inside Resume because it impacts your outside resume. 

In my book, Before You Think Another Thought, I describe what may be a new concept for you about thought and belief.  If what I am about to discuss is new for you, just be open to the possibility that what I am saying might have some validity in your life.  If it doesn’t, let go of it. 

The concept states that thoughts are not just quiet notions that appear in your head for you to ponder or for use in making decisions.  Thoughts are things.  They are minute particles of energy that interact with other intelligent information in the Universe.  The actual physical thought energy has form and color.  It’s called a thought-form.  In 1901, C.W. Ledbetter and his associate, Annie Besant published a book titled Thought-Forms.  Both Annie and C. W. were gifted clairvoyants who could see energy that is invisible to most humans.  The book pictorially illustrates various thought-forms.  Happy thoughts have thought-forms with friendly shapes and bright colors.  Negative thoughts have thought-forms with distorted shapes and deep, dark colors. 

Because beliefs are thoughts that you have accepted as being your truth - you can then see that the same energetic principle applies to beliefs – they are energy forms emanating out into the Universe.

We all have an energetic signature, just like our thumb print that identifies our individual uniqueness.  The thoughts that we think and the beliefs that we hold define our unique energy pattern.  Did you ever meet someone that you never laid eyes on before and felt a very strong attraction to them?  You were identifying with their energy pattern.  Their energy pattern was probably very similar to yours.  Likewise, you have met people with whom you did not feel comfortable.  They had a significantly different energy pattern.  Not wrong, just different. 

The mission of a thought or a belief is to fulfill the intent of the thinker/believer.  The energy form goes out into the Universe to find other thoughts/beliefs that are similar.  Events, circumstances, and relationships are then created to fulfill the intent of the thought/belief.  In other words, the Universe provides events, circumstances, and relationships to prove to you that what you believe is true.  I know this may be a mental stretch for you but stick with me. 

I like to use the analogy of seeing the Universe as the Cosmic Computer that has wireless input.  We are all like individual radio stations transmitting our thoughts, beliefs, desires, and wishes to the Cosmic Computer for fulfillment.  Yes, this includes prayer. 

The outputs from the Cosmic Computer are the created events, circumstances, and relationships that satisfy the input.  There are numerous quotes and sayings that refer to this concept:  That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy”.  Seek and ye shall find.”  Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” 

If you are still with me, then you can understand the concept that the beliefs in your Inside Resume not only determine your experience of external events but are actually responsible for creating them. 

This concept is difficult for some individuals to accept because it means that each one of us is totally responsible for what we experience as our life.  When I was introduced to this concept about fifteen years ago, I said to myself, “No way!  Why would I have created all those disappointing events in my life?”  Well, I can confidently tell you that I did.  Not knowingly of course, but by default.  By default I mean that I had no idea that I was holding certain beliefs in my Inside Resume that were making unconscious requests of the Cosmic Computer on my behalf.  The Cosmic Computer is impersonal.  It takes the input and just processes it.  It doesn’t make judgments or ask, “Does this request make sense”?  It’s the way the Cosmic Computer works.  Hence the saying, “Watch what you ask for, you are liable to get it.”  If you do not have a belief that is contrary to your request, you will get it.  That is the $1,000,000 secret.  If you do not have a belief that is contrary to your request, you will get it.”  The response from the Cosmic Computer is always, “yes”. 

Unfortunately, most of us have beliefs on our Inside Resume that we are not consciously aware of.  These unconscious beliefs are creating circumstances in our lives that we would prefer not to have.  The disappointments and accomplishments on your external resume are related to limiting beliefs on your Inside Resume. 

Having “gotten the message”, I have worked diligently over the years to continue to revise my Inside Resume.  Believe me when I suggest that reviewing and revising your Inside Resume will pay huge dividends and increase the strength of your outside resume, placing you in a solid position for having what you want and deserve.  Deserve is a key word.  Do you have limiting beliefs about how much (or how little) you deserve? 

Let’s see if we can shed some light on assisting you with reviewing and possibly making some revision to your Inside Resume. 

First of all, we need to see what’s presently written on your Inside Resume.  The easiest way to do that is to have you write out what you think is there.  You now have the opportunity to map the current beliefs on your Inside Resume by completing the following exercise. 


Inside Resume - Beliefs Mapping Exercise

Work quickly and write down the first thoughts that come to mind.  They do not have to make sense.  Be very honest with yourself – you will achieve greater benefit from the exercise if you are. 


My Environment

·         Life is

·         Work is

·         Three things I would like to change about my job are:



·         Top Management is

·         Supervisors are

·         People are

·         Money is

·         Clients/customers are

·         Competitors are

·         Suppliers are

·         Sales people are

·         Engineers are

·         Finance people are

·         Relationships are

·         You can’t trust

·         _____________________________ will betray you every time.

·         The characteristics that one of my co-workers has that bug me the most are:


My Self

·         Expressing feelings at work is

·         My career would be better if only

·         When I make mistakes I

·         I must keep my boss happy.  T or F

·         It’s important that others like me.  T or F

·         I’m paid what I’m worth.  T or F

·         I see myself as someone who is successful.  T or F

·         It’s ____________ for me to ask for what I want

·         __________________________really makes me angry.

·         I don’t express myself fully at work because

·         I can’t

·         I am avoiding telling

·         I am avoiding

·         I ___________ get what I want

·         When I miss my goals it’s because

·         Regarding my Life: I am committed to

·         Regarding my Job: I am committed to

·         Regarding my Finances: I am

·         Regarding my Coworkers: I am

·         Regarding my Integrity: I am

·         Regarding my Personality: I am _________, __________, and __________.

·         Three things I would like to change about myself are:

·         When my feelings are hurt I

·         My biggest fear is

·         I am protecting

·         Why?

·            I am afraid of

·            I am afraid to

·            Being right is

·            I make ______________ decisions

·            I will really be happy when

·            What I want is

·         I don’t have it because

·            Something else that I want is

·         I don’t have it because

·            Another thing that I want is

·         I don’t have it because


·            Something that I will never have is

·         Why?

·         What would happen if I had it?

·            I would be more successful if only

·            The following thoughts come to mind when I say to myself “I am glad I’m me.”

·         My greatest asset is

·         I am really good at

·         I am the happiest when

·         The thing about me that I love the most is

·         The thing that I love about my life the most is

·         It really makes me laugh when

·         I am successful because


You have just mapped out the script for a movie titled “Your Career”.  The career that you are experiencing is a direct reflection of what you just defined for your Inside Resume.  Your career is documented on your traditional outside resume – the paper one.  The accomplishments will link to the empowering beliefs on your Inside Resume and the short falls will be linked to the limiting beliefs on your Inside Resume.  Let’s examine a few possibilities and see if I can get you to see a pattern.

What was your answer to ”Life is”?  Was it empowering or limiting?  Empowering beliefs such as “Life is great”, “Life is an opportunity”, “Life is exciting”, and “Life is a gift” would provide you with positive experiences and great success would show up on your resume.  Limiting beliefs such as “Life is a struggle”, “Life is tough”, “Life is not fair”, and “Life is difficult” are limiting beliefs and would show up on your resume as missed goals, job loss, conflict with others, etc.  What do you notice about your response and your experiences? 

What are your responses to “Money is” and “I am paid what I am worth”.  Are they empowering you or are you limiting yourself?

What is it that you want in your life but will never have?  What have you told yourself is the reason you won’t?  Your reason is a limiting belief.

What is it that you are afraid to say?  To whom?  What is it that you are afraid to do?  What is it that you can’t do?  The answers to all of these questions are limiting beliefs that have you feeling stuck in your job search, but also in your life.  Are the beliefs really true?  Did you create these limiting beliefs based on some experience years ago and find that you have generalized the belief to apply to ALL similar situations? 

Change your Inside Resume to remove the limiting beliefs that are impacting your outside resume.  It’s done by choice.  Once you are aware of them, simply decide to replace the limiting beliefs with empowering ones and update your Inside Resume.  Then the next time you update your outside resume you will see less misfortune and more accomplishments.  The accomplishments will come with less effort because you will not have to use brute force to overcome the limitations.  Your accomplishments will come easily and effortlessly.  That’s a good one for your Inside Resume - “My accomplishments come easily and effortlessly.”

Do yourself a big favor and review the rest of the beliefs on the map of your Inside Resume.  Make a conscious effort to identify the limiting beliefs, evaluate them, and change them to update your Inside Resume.  Your next employer will see a very powerful resume filled with great accomplishment.  The reflection from your Inside Resume will be quite obvious and the rewards will be well worth it.  Go for it!






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