Bruce I. Doyle, III, Ph.D.

Dear Citizen:

Your personal characteristics and experience have been brought to the attention of the selection committee for a top secret mission.  The only thing I can tell you at this time is that the mission involves the development of a new species that will inhabit a yet to be chosen - and still to be discovered - planet outside of our solar system. 

The experiment that you will participate in, if you are chosen, has great rewards for you personally, but you must also know that it has great risk.  Only you can determine the outcome of your particular mission.

Your analytical ability will be vitally important because the makeup of the planet's basic life elements will have to be determined to ensure your physical safety.  Your degree of emotional sensitivity will be critical because experience on the new planet will be based on "feelings."  Funding for the selected candidates return has not yet been approved; therefore, you may have to depend on your own resources.

As you can tell by now, "living on the edge" could well describe this journey.  You will certainly encounter other cultures on your adventure and you will be required to effectively communicate your sincere intentions at all times.  The honesty reflected in your eyes - the window to the soul - and your leadership presence will support you well. Your intellect will be fully challenged and you will have to use every ounce of entrepreneurial capability you can muster.  Unfortunately, until the mission is complete, you will have to forego your close ties to family support.  You will truly be on your own.

The basic elements of the experiment on the new planet, though very simple in nature, will require your sharpest skills and utmost determination; if you are to successfully complete the mission.  The basic elements of reality for the new planet are as follows:

"Thought” will be the basis of creation on this new planet and the thoughts generated will be separate energy forms that will have as their sole purpose to carry out the intent of the thought.  Consequently, the inhabitants of the new planet will experience, based on their own feelings, the reality created by their individual belief systems, i.e. the thoughts that they believe to be true, will be true - for them.

"For example, if an inhabitant believes that s/he is “not deserving" that individual, no matter how hard s/he tries, will be unable to find what they are seeking.  This will apply in all regards whether it is in relationships, job satisfaction or financial abundance.  "This way, each individual, will be totally responsible for his/her own reality.  They will have no one or nothing else to blame for their own life experiences." 

Since the elements of reality on the new planet are so simple, you will have to, as part of your trial, undergo a complete de-programming of the complexity of beliefs you have accepted as "truth" during your life times in our solar system. 

Your first stop on your trial journey is at the "waterfall of discovery" deep in the heart of the Amazoid jungle many miles from your present civilization.  At the waterfall you will be given directions (just listen for guidance in the stillness) on how you can become aware of all the limitations you have accepted as truth during your lifetimes.  Guidance will tell you how you can now release all of these limitations and discover the real you. 

This will not be a long process (it depends on your ability to spend reflective time with yourself) and, if all goes well, you will emerge from the waterfall experience with a true picture of who you really are.  You will have admiration and love for yourself and the unique person that you are.  You will no longer feel the need to live your life for others - it is your life to experience and enjoy to the fullest extent possible. 

Upon leaving the waterfall and all of its majesty, you will follow a clearly marked path that extends many, many miles through dense and treacherous terrain.  Your final task, to determine the effectiveness of your work at the waterfall, will be for you to find your way back to your own sector of our civilization. 

The path will contain many "forks in the road" where you will have to determine, based on the conditions at hand, which choice is the best choice for you - the choice that you prefer.  The correct choices at each fork will bring you safely back home where you will not only experience a life with inner peace and fulfillment but you will have qualified for participation in the experiment on the new planet, that is, if you still choose to do so.

If you make any choices that are based on not loving yourself, we regret to tell you that the path chosen has no end.  It merely wanders aimlessly through the jungle providing you with a life of discontent and unfulfilled expectations. Please choose carefully, our civilization doesn't want to Iose people with your potential.  And, the experimental mission to the new planet desperately needs your talents. 

Oh, by the way, I have just been informed that I am now free to tell you the name of the new planet.  It will be called Earth.

Have a safe journey,


The Commander



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