The Indigo Executive

Bruce I. Doyle, III, Ph.D. is the Principal of Growth Dynamics Associates (GDA). GDA is focused on providing interim “C” level management, business consulting, leadership development, and executive coaching to forward thinking leaders to facilitate business transformation that is driven by values, integrity, and employee passion. 


Bruce held positions at GE as Engineering Manager and Venture Manager, at Ingersoll-Rand as Worldwide Marketing Manager, at Varian Associates as General Manager for Semiconductor Equipment, at Cook Medical (K-Tube) as Director of Operations for Medical Device Components, at Pulse Engineering as Division Manager and Director of Emerging Technologies, at Scientific Control Systems as Senior Vice President for Strategy Development, at Systems Control as COO, and at Impres as President and CEO. 


As a business consultant and executive coach, Bruce has worked with clients such as IBM, Nortel, TI, Apple Computer, Sumida America Technologies, WD-40, Tres-Ark, Smartmicros, TCG Energy, CuraPharm, RDX Technologies and Maxim Systems on strategic planning, leadership development, executive selection, leading organizational change and Six-Sigma business process improvement. 


He holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Leadership and Organizational Transformation.  His Doctoral Dissertation was titled, Indigo Leadership and the Invisible Link: The Key to Bridging the Gaps in Business. 


Bruce is a certified Servant-Leader, Professional Engineer - holding two patents - and a Six-Sigma Black Belt.


He received the President’s Award from Pulse Engineering for leadership achievements in developing new Telecom Products and creating Joint-Ventures in the USA and Asia.  He received the Ideal Citizen Award from Lion’s Club International and was recently inducted into the NAHS Educational Foundation's Wall of Fame. 


Bruce served on the Board of Directors for CuraPharm Inc.(San Diego, CA), Systems Control (Palo Alto, CA), Impres (Austin, TX) and The Center for Creative Living (San Diego, CA).  He also served as Vice President and Board Secretary for the San Diego Leadership Initiative, on the Business Advisory Board at UCSD’s Rady School; National University’s Leadership Advisory Board and as a Mentor for the UCSD and USD Business Plan competitions.

He is currently Board Secretary for the Corporate Director’s Forum, serves as a Business Advisor at CONNECT - mentoring startup and emerging company CEOs - and is a Director of AirSpeed Equity.

Bruce, in addition to his corporate background, has a passion for human development - driven by his own personal work. He has completed the Warner Erhard Training (now Landmark Education), the Avatar Masters and Wizards Programs, Hakomi Therapy Training and is certified in Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Bruce is also very interested in how the Indigos will impact our future - especially in the workplace.


His latest book,Think Your Way To The Life You Want, was released 2/1/2011. It has been translated in German, Portuguese, Czech, Mandarin, and Romanian - so far.

Bruce recognizes the need for coaching individuals and businesses on the principle - "life experience is self-created."  This understanding brings with it tremendous personal power. He is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their full potential through the realization that their beliefs create their lives.

His original book, Before You Think Another Thought, has been translated into Spanish, German, and Portuguese. 


Bruce loves flying and is an instrument-rated private pilot.

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