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"How To Think Your Way To The Life You Want : A Guide to Understanding How Your Thoughts and Beliefs Create Your Life." by Bruce I. Doyle, III, Ph.D.

"Bruce Doyle tells us in the preface to this book that he is not speaking as an engineer, former GE executive, or PhD in Organizational Transformation. He is speaking from his heart, without scientific proof, because he wants us to experience for ourselves the use of the fundamentals of thinking to achieve the life that we deserve. It's not a new idea, but it is a very original approach for applying the concept. While Doyle writes simply (and inspirationally) enough to make right-brain types comfortable, his logical explanations are just what's needed to bring skeptical, left-brain types into the fold. Let customers know that this is not just another think-your-way-to-your-dreams monologue." -Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer, May 2011

"This is an excellent and easy-to-understand guide to how thought ands beliefs work in the universe to create individual experiences.  I recommend it highly."  Neal Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God.

"This book is the most exciting and refreshing eye opener for me in 10 years. Some people say you have to see it before you believe it. I know that the way the universe and real life works is that you must first believe and visualize positive thoughts in order to see them created. This is the first step for people seeking to end hopelessness and self-pity. Don't overemphasize the negative elements of your life. Give more weight to positive and simple pleasures of life. This book would make an excellent gift to graduating seniors."  Daniel Brigham - Houston, TX

"This is one book that explains very clearly - from first principles - the nature and formation of thoughts - and subsequent beliefs - inside your head. Very illuminating. My favorite."  
Lee Say Keng

I was introduced to Dr. Bruce Doyle’s book in 1994. Perhaps that was even before it was actually in print.  My friend, Leigh Smith, was doing a mini-workshop in her condo in Phoenix after initially meeting Bruce, as she was so excited with the material and wanted to share it with friends straightaway. 

What struck me when I read How to Think Your Way to the Life You Want was the simplicity and crisp format in which it is presented.  This book is illustrated with easy-to-remember graphics, and each chapter evolves into building blocks for more self-understanding. 


How to Think Your Way to the Life You Want describes how our thinking impacts our life, followed by how our beliefs then shape our experiences. Bruce presents very useful tools with excellent insights. I also appreciated his candor with real-life situations and empowering personal examples. 



How to Think Your Way to the Life You Want simplifies the complex subject on how we create our reality and how our beliefs impact our life experiences. I would love to see it introduced into our entire educational system as a basic premise for the law of attraction in action. I highly recommend this book!

Shine on in a radiance of JOY!

Sharon A. Warren, M.A.

Author of Magnetizing Your Hearts Desire


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